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We're Characters

Just where do we begin? We started brewing in 2015 with a simple idea. Bring people with different tastes, opinions, ideas and backgrounds to the same table for one thing: good beer. It’s informed our brewing decisions since day one. You want a clean German lager? Well, here’s a Pilsner. Oh, you like wildly hopped IPAs? Grab yourself a Tank Puncher. We’ve always loved the idea of everyone having a seat at our zany table. If you want a beer, you’re on our side. Welcome to the ReUnion family.

Logan Depover | ReUnion Brewery Head Brewmaster
Reunion Beer Character Designs


Logan DePover

Logan has been brewing at ReUnion since the beginning. It’s the only thing he’s good at, according to his wife. Logan prides himself on his appearance. His lifelong dream is to win anything, ever. He recently lost his wallet. He’s done throwing away carrot tops. He’s just eating them.

Favorite Beer: ReUnion IPA

Beer label drawing of Marzen Skeleton from Jon Simms


Peter Mullaney

Born on the banks of the ol Mississip’, his father, a traveling copy machine salesman; mother, a clogger. At an early age, Pete began competing in competitive lip syncing competitions. He never won a single one, but was witness to many who did. Living vicariously through the success of others has made Pete into the man he his today. In the brewery, you can find him doing a multitude of tasks, all while lip syncing off key. What he lacks in lip sync ability, he makes up for in refusing to stop, even at the plea of his coworkers.

Favorite Beer: Floral Pilsner

Peter Mullaney | ReUnion Brewery Head Brewer


Dave Phillips

Brewed in Southern Kansas and aged over 30 years, Dave trekked north from southern Kansas in search of snow and an average lip syncing coworker. Having only found snow, you can find him brewing with earplugs and a smile. Prost!

Favorite Beer: Imperial Banshee

Tank Puncher Label Design ReUnion Brewery Restaurant and Taproom

General Manager

Cassie Lucy

Cassie is an Iowa City native, she wandered into the parking lot one day following the smell of dank hops. The brewers let her in, fed her Juice Factory and she just kept clawing at the brewery windows. Once you feed a stray, they keep coming back. It turned out she had no skills at brewing, grain raking, or keg cleaning so to keep her busy they let her run the taproom. You can find her there  shaking hands and kissing babies. We are unsure, but it’s possible she lives there? 9 times out of 10, you’ll hear her before you see her.

Favorite Beer: Pounder

Cartoonist Jon Simms standing with reunion Beer and Truck
Dr Dank Beer Cartoon with Mad Scientist for 420


Jon Sims

Born bearded, Jon entered this world on the island of Oahu and later moved to the picturesque valleys of the Amana Colonies in Iowa. As a 90’s kid, Jon was raised on a steady diet of the Ninja Turtles and sugary cereal. After graduating with an art degree from Coe College, he settled in Iowa City. He enjoys the occasional kayak session with his wife Chelsea and teaching his cats Penny and Frankie to walk on a leash. When he grows up, Jon wants to be a Skeletor or maybe a Dracula.

Favorite Beer: Tank Puncher

Sales Rep

Ryan Hagens

From the big city of Fruitland, Iowa; Ryan has always had big ambitions of becoming one of “Fruitland’s Finest.” As a child, always acting like a Power Ranger, he has now morphed his skills into becoming a table tennis master. Today, you can find him hanging out with his four-legged friend Bandit, drinking a Juice Factory.

Favorite Beer: Juice Factory Pale Ale

Our Brewery Locations

The Reunion Brewery in Iowa City Beer and Tanks

Taproom Brewery

This Tiny but Mighty Brewery is our original brewery and is located inside our Coralville Taproom

Production Facility

Our New Production facility is located in Iowa City and is going to help us distribute beer all over the countryside